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What are the main raw materials of plastic products?

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  The plastic raw material is a polymer, which can also be called a macromolecule or a macromolecule, and is also commonly known as a plastic or resin. The so-called plastic raw material is actually one of the [synthetic resins]. Its shape is similar to the [pine resin] in natural resins, but it is called plastic because it is synthesized through chemical forces.

   This kind of polymer is composed of many small molecules with simple structure, combined by covalent bonds. There are many types of polymers, and they are generally classified based on changes in heat.

   General plastic raw materials: ABS ABS high rubber powder ADPOLY AS (SAN) CA CAB EAA EVA GPPS HDPE HIPS LDPE LLDPE MBS MS MVLDPE (metallocene) PP PVC.

Engineering plastic raw materials: COC K(Q) glue LCP PA/ABS PA46 PA6 PA6/66 PA612 PA66 PBT PC PC/ABS PC/PBT PC/PET PEEK PEI PET PETG PMMA POM PPA PPE PPO PPS.

  Thermoplastic elastomer raw materials: CPE POE SBR SBS SEBS SIS TPE TPEE TPO TPR TPSIV TPU TPV TPX.

  Thermosetting plastic raw material: EP PU Bakelite powder, Bakelite powder.

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